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Taina Kyllönen

Executive Vice President and Head of Group Communications

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Viktoria Karsberg

Head of External Communications, Corporate Communications

Suora puhelin: +46 8 454 5734

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Atte Kaksonen

Communications and media relations in Finland

Matkapuhelin: +358205938596

Suora puhelin: +358205938596

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Jaana Henttonen

Communications manager, Hämeenlinna Works

Matkapuhelin: +358 40 844 2976

Suora puhelin: +358 20 592 5411

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Karoliina Krook

Communications manager SSAB Europe, Raahe

Matkapuhelin: +358503143208

Suora puhelin: +358205938741

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Tapani Tuominen

Communications Manager, Ruukki Construction

Matkapuhelin: +358 20 592 8810

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SSAB is present in a number of social media channels. We aim to communicate with a variety of themes and everyday things at SSAB, to follow developments in our industry and to share interesting content via these channels. We mainly post updates in English, but also cover certain events and news in relevant local languages.

  LinkedIn is a channel where we are able to take part in industry discussions and share information that can be of interest for customers and metal industry professionals. It is also a channel aimed at people who are interested in working at SSAB.    

  Facebook is an informal channel mainly for employees, customers, partners and other local stakeholders. 

  Twitter is a channel where we focus on communication for journalists and investors, as well as interaction with opinion-leaders, partners and customers.

  Instagram is our channel where we publish impressive and inspirational images related to our business.

   YouTube is where we publish all of our films, including informative films about the company and steel, and films for people interested in working at SSAB.