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“When a product is made from Hardox it outperforms the competition”

Products made from Hardox® are lighter, tougher and more durable than those made from other materials. This is why WINFA, a leading Slovakian spare-parts producer, has opted to use this high-quality wear-resistant steel from SSAB.

Approved by: Daniel Milián, WINFA

Founded in 1996 as a retailer for special abrasion-resistant high-performance steels, WINFA has evolved over the years into a manufacturer of spare parts for construction, loading, recycling and lifting machinery. The company also makes its own line of containers made for metal scraps and abrasive materials that cause a high degree of wear and tear, as well as intermediate parts and components for further production. WINFA has used steel from SSAB across its product ranges since day one and, in 2004, it joined the Hardox® In My Body program

“The advantage of SSAB materials is that they elevate the quality of the final product, while guaranteeing a longer product lifetime, as well as delivering economic advantages to our end customers in the long run, says says Milos Vinš, WINFA’s owner.
“Our customers wouldn’t be willing to pay a higher price for a premium material unless it delivered long-term savings, but that’s exactly what SSAB steel does: by lasting longer, consuming less fuel and outperforming other materials,” he explains. 

Although claims on WINFA products are few and far between, Vinš appreciates the speed with which SSAB responds to these issues when they do arise, as well as their ability to accommodate the delivery demands of individual customers. Environmental performance is also a key concern. 

“SSAB’s steel enables our customers to cut fuel consumption, due to the weight reduction that comes from the use of thinner materials, without having to compromise on strength, hardness or safety,” says Vinš, adding: “Lower fuel consumption also means less money spent on fuel.”

Vinš explains that his company’s use of Hardox® steel enables it to reduce the weight of the average container by around 30 percent, which translates to an overall weight reduction of up to 400 kg.

“If the weight of vehicle is reduced by 400kg, this typically corresponds to a reduction in fuel consumption of up to two percent. For a vehicle that drives 70,000 km a year, two percent less fuel amounts to more than EUR 1,000 saved,” he says. 

For WINFA, the partnership with SSAB has delivered a range of advantages, such as having access to knowledge of processing special steels, as well as technically capable personnel, and the opportunity to share experience between producers. This has become even more apparent since WINFA joined the Hardox® In My Body program in 2004. Vinš admits this was an easy choice to make:

“Joining Hardox® In My Body was the logical outcome of our 23-year cooperation with SSAB. For us, the greatest benefit has been the opportunity to cooperate, share information regarding production and the use of different marketing efforts with a global company like SSAB,” he says, adding that for WINFA and its customers, the Hardox® In My Body symbol is an assurance that the product is made from the highest quality materials.

“The unique ID issued for each plate works like a quality guarantee,” he concludes. 


Based in Trnava, Slovakia, WINFA has been producing special metallurgical materials since 1996. In 2000, the company started manufacturing spare parts for construction, loading, recycling and lifting machinery, and in 2004 it joined the Hardox® In My Body program and became an official service center. WINFA employs 40 people and has an annual turnover of EUR 12.2 million

Benefits of using steel from SSAB

WINFA uses primarily Hardox, Strenx and Armox steels from SSAB in its products. The benefits of using SSAB steel include:

  • Up to 30% longer product lifetime
  • Up to 30% reduced weight, resulting in higher payload and less fuel consumption
  • Products that are lighter, tougher and more durable than the equivalent made from other materials, despite being used in extremely challenging environments