Strenx® 700

Strenx® 700

The high-strength structural steel at 700 MPa

In the never-ending battle for improved performance of steel products, less weight wins. Strenx® is stronger than ordinary steel, you need less material to achieve equivalent strengths in your products.

Strenx® 700 products are structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 650-700 MPa depending on thickness.

The chemical analysis, consisting of low levels of carbon has additional grain refiners such as niobium, titanium or vanadium that are precisely added to the chemistry. This together with high cleanliness, makes Strenx® performance steels the most competitive alternative for cold formed and welded products.

Strenx® 700 products are used in applications such as tipper and trailer chassis, cranes, construction and agriculture equipment, especially in load carrying structures that have high demands for lower weight. In these applications, the high strength of these steels can be used to save weight, increase the payload or increase the performance. Furthermore, as a result of these benefits and the good formability of the steels, the total cost can be reduced.

Strenx 700 -tuotteet ja -paksuudet

Strenx® 700
Paksuusalue Standardinmukaisuus Muoto Tyypilliset Strenx®-teräksestä valmistetut tuotteet
Levy Kuumavalssattu nauha Kylmävalssattu nauha
Strenx® 700 E 4-160 --- --- S690QL standardissa EN 10025-6, iskukoe -40 °C:n lämpötilassa Levyt Kantavat rakenteet vaativissa olosuhteissa.
Strenx® 700 F 4-130 --- --- S690QL1 standardissa EN 10025-6, iskukoe -60 °C:n lämpötilassa Levyt Kantavat rakenteet kylmissä ja äärimmäisissä olosuhteissa.
Strenx® 700 OME 4-130 --- --- S690QL standardissa EN 10025-6*, iskukoe -40 °C:n lämpötilassa Levyt Kantaviin rakenteisiin ja vaativiin olosuhteisiin meriteollisuudessa ja offshore-kohteissa
Strenx® 700MC D --- 2-10 --- S700MC standardissa EN 10149-2, iskukoe -20 °C:n lämpötilassa Levyt, kelat ja rainat Laaja rakennevalikoima
Strenx® 700MC E --- 2-10 --- S700MC standardissa EN 10149-2, iskukoe -40 °C:n lämpötilassa Levyt, kelat ja rainat Laaja rakennevalikoima
Strenx® 700MC Plus
--- 3-12 --- S700MC standardissa EN 10149-2, iskukoe -60 °C:n lämpötilassa Levyt Äärimmäistä muovattavuutta iskusitkeyttä edellyttävät rakenteet
Strenx® 700 CR --- --- 0.7-2.1 SSAB:n määritys Levyt, kelat ja rainat Laaja rakennevalikoima


A yield strength of 700 MPa and above is the new normal when designing in high-strength steel. If you are using a steel of lower strength, your products are probably not living up to their potential

Upgrading to a steel with higher yield strength leaves room for more high performing designs with increased load bearing capacity. The stresses can be higher which allows for the use of thinner steel. This adds several advantages:

  • Depending on the starting point, designers can cut up to 40 percent weight off steel structures – and still increase the fatigue life
  • If the parts are welded, welding time and the amount of welding consumables will be significantly reduced

Yield strength defines the load – or stress – the steel can take before it becomes plastically deformed. The relation between elongation and load is linear up to the yield point. This means that before reaching its yield point, the steel will return to its original shape when the load is released.



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Strenx® steel has highly consistent and guaranteed bending properties for repeatable performance in the workshop.



Strenx® 700MC is commonly used in lightweight solutions for trailer chassis. Upgrading a trailer chassis from a 350-grade using Strenx® 700MC typically generates a weight reduction of about 30% for the chassis structural parts, but depending on the chassis design, the weight reduction potential may be higher; even up to 50%.




        Original design a)            Lightweight design b)      Lightweight design c)   
Steel Grade        S355       Strenx® 700MC  Strenx® 700MC
 Weight, m [kg/m]       42       27  30
 Bending Moment Capasity, M [kNm]       286       306  369
 Moment of Inertia, I [m4]      140E-06      93E-06   140E-06
 Section Modulus, W [m3]       72E-05       46E-05
 Weight Reduction, WR [%]      -       36  30





Strenx® 700 -terästä on saatavana 4–160 mm:n levyinä, 2–12 mm:n kuumavalssattuna nauhalevynä ja 0,7–2,1 mm:n kylmävalssattuna nauhalevynä. Strenx® 700  -tuotteiden leveys voi olla jopa 3350 mm.

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