Uutisarkisto SSAB reduces dust emissions
5.5.2009 08:15 CET

SSAB reduces dust emissions

SSAB is investing approximately SEK 200 million in a Pushing Emission Control System (which includes a suction hood and a filter plant) at the coking plant in Oxelösund. This will lead to a significant reduction in emissions of dust and will improve the environment for people living in the vicinity of the plant in Oxelösund.

"It is important for us at SSAB that we are able in this way to continue our work for achieving an improved environment. We are constantly working to improve our production and develop products which bring with them environmental benefits for our customers and society," says Karl Gustav Ramström, Executive VP SSAB Plate.

In the coking plant, coal is converted into coke and gas through heating in a battery of sealed ovens. When the coke is pushed from the ovens in the battery to the quenching car, dust and smoke are released into the air. With the construction of a new suction hood which accompanies the quenching car to the quenching tower, smoke and dust are captured in a system which then sends them to a new filter. The dust is filtered in the filter plant and thereafter recirculated into the coking process.

The work of installing the Pushing Emission Control System at the coking plant will begin immediately and is expected to be finished, towards the end of 2010.

SSAB initiated the investment in Pushing Emission Control System in connection with an application for an environmental permit in 2006, and the investment is a prerequisite for SSAB fulfilling the terms of its environmental permit.